Season 4 | Episode #4ABF09 | 04/11/14 @ 06:00pm

Homer suffers a heart attack and hires Dr. Nick Riviera to perform a delicate triple bypass operation.

Homer’s bad eating habits finally catch up with him. While driving his car, he hears strange thumping sounds. A mechanic tells him his car is fine, but that it is his heart that is making the noise. When Burns catches Homer sleeping on the job, he calls him into his office and taunts him with threats that he is going to fire him. Homer’s heart races. When Burns tells him he is fired, Homer’s heart stops.

After learning he suffered a mild heart attack, he is told he needs a coronary bypass operation and that it will cost $40,000. Without the money to pay for his operation, Homer tries to get health insurance. Not telling the insurance company about his bad heart, Homer suffers another heart attack just as he is about to sign the policy. His application is rejected. When he hears a commercial featuring Dr. Riviera, who will perform any operation for $129.95, he concludes he has nothing to lose. Homer checks himself into the hospital.

Nervous about her father’s pending surgery, Lisa studies up on the operation to ease her own nerves. Dr. Riviera, after paying Homer a visit, decides should brush up on the procedure. He rents an instructional video, but the most important part has been taped over. Before going under the knife, Homer says his last good-byes to his family, just in case. Dr. Riviera, not sure what he is doing, cuts into Homer, and then freezes. Lisa, sitting in the operating theater, guides him through the surgery. Homer soon is feeling his old self.

Source: 20th Century Fox

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