Season 4 | Episode #4ABF04 | 04/03/14 @ 06:00pm

During a Halloween party, the Simpsons tell three horrifying tales of the macabre.

Homer warns parents that the following program may be unsuitable for children. The Simpsons have a Halloween family party and they tell scary stories. The first to weave a terrifying tale is Lisa, with “Clown Without Pity.” Homer gets Bart a Krusty doll for his birthday. When Krusty’s string is pulled, he smiles and says “I love you.” But when Homer is alone with the doll, it speaks by itself and threatens to kill him. Terrified, Homer begs to have the family keep the Killer-Krusty doll away from him. But they think Homer is overreacting. That is until Marge finds Killer-Krusty strangling Homer. A Krusty Doll repairman is called. He moves a switch from “evil” to “good,” and Homer makes the Krusty doll his personal servant.

Grampa is next to explore the macabre with his tale, “King Homer.” Set in the 1930’s, Mr. Burns and Smithers set off on an expedition to capture the monster ape, King Homer. And they take Marge along as bait. Arriving at the island, Smithers knocks King Homer out with laughing gas and they sail him back to Manhattan to star in freak shows on Broadway. Homer breaks free from his chains and climbs the Empire State Building. Too tired to climb past the second story, Homer falls off the building and crashes into the pavement below. Taking pity on poor Homer, Marge offers to take care of him for the rest of his life and they get married.

Bart tries his hand at telling tales of the damned with “Dial ‘Z’ For Zombie.” After finding a book in the library on how to bring the dead back to life, Bart tries it out on Snowball I. But instead of bringing Lisa’s cat back from the dead, every dead person for hundreds of years rise from their graves, seeking the brains of the living. Half of Springfield have their brains sucked out, when the horde of zombies come looking for the Simpsons. Homer offers himself to spare his family, but after the zombies determine Homer has no brains, they continue on. Finally, Bart finds the spell to counter the first one. The zombies retreat and return to their graves.

Source: 20th Century Fox

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