Season 4| Episode #4ABF02 | 04/02/14 @ 06:00pm

Homer enters Lisa in a beauty pageant when her self-esteem plummets.

Principal Skinner assaults a group of lawyers who demand the school carnival stop using the slogan “The Happiest Place On Earth” to promote their cause. Meanwhile, Lisa has a cartoon caricature of herself drawn by an artist at the carnival. When she looks at it, she is appalled by what she sees. Lisa develops a severe inferiority complex. Homer wins a ride in the Duff Blimp, fulfilling one of his life-long ambitions. Homer notices that Lisa is depressed. She shows him her cartoon caricature. Homer laughs and assures Lisa the cartoon is supposed to look funny. But Lisa still thinks she is ugly. When he hears about the “Little Miss Springfield Pageant” Homer decides to enter Lisa. To come up with the $250 entrance fee, Homer sells his Duff Blimp ticket.

Homer is excited when he tells Lisa about the pageant. But Lisa refuses to participate, afraid she will only humiliate herself. After Marge lets Lisa know that Homer sold his Duff Blimp ticket because he loves her and thinks that she is the most beautiful little girl in the whole world, Lisa agrees to do it. Marge takes Lisa to the registration and she is taken aback by all the other pretty girls. One in particular is Amber Dempsey, a professional pageant participant. To boost Lisa’s confidence, Marge takes her for a complete beauty make over. Soon Lisa is looking and acting like a real beauty queen. But the judges crown Amber Miss Springfield.

Lisa is the second runner up. Amber, however, is struck by lightning, and can no longer carry on her duties, Lisa takes over. She appears with Bob Hope at a show for enlisted men at Fort Springfield. She is also assigned to be the spokesperson for Laramie Cigarettes, which goes against everything Lisa stands for. While riding the Laramie float in the Springfield parade, she announces that smoking cigarettes is evil. The pageant officials strip Lisa of her crown. Relieved to be rid of it, Lisa thanks Homer for helping her see her true beauty.

Source: 20th Century Fox

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