Season 3 | Episode #4ABF03 | 04/04/14 @ 06:00pm

Homer forbids his son from seeing a new movie about his favorite cartoon heroes as punishment for misbehaving.

Bart, Lisa and Grampa watch previews for “Star Trek XII: So Very Tired” on television. Meanwhile, it is parent/teacher night at the kids’ school and Homer begs Marge to let him meet with Lisa’s teacher, and not Bart’s. Giving in, Marge faces the wrath of Bart’s teacher, while Homer receives praise from Lisa’s. Marge is advised that if Bart is given some serious discipline at home there is still a chance he could become respectable when he gets older, even the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Marge warns Homer that he has to be tougher on Bart. Homer assures Marge that the good times are over for their son. The next time Bart misbehaves, Marge sends him to his room without dinner. Near starvation, Bart is just about to promise he will change his ways. But then Homer sneaks in with a pizza, and Bart recants.

Seeing that he can get away with anything around Homer, Bart continues to be a menace and Homer continues to give in. But when Bart is left in charge of Maggie, she crawls, unseen, out of the house, into the family car and drives away. By the time Bart realizes Maggie is gone, she is cruising through downtown Springfield. Finally, Maggie crashes the car into the state penitentiary, allowing convicted felons to escape. The air bag goes off and saves Maggie. This time Homer has had enough. He tells Bart that he can never see the new Itchy & Scratchy movie.

Bart is devastated. No matter how much he pleas, Homer is adamant. Even Marge feels the punishment is too harsh. Bart becomes an outcast amongst his peers for not seeing the film. After eight months and nine academy awards for Itchy and Scratchy, Bart is the only kid in Springfield to have never seen the movie. Finally Bart concedes that Homer has won. Homer corrects Bart, telling him that they both won. A quick look into the future shows Homer taking Bart into a revival theater to see “Itchy and Scratchy: The Movie.” And much to Homer’s satisfaction, Bart is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Source: 20th Century Fox

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