Season 4 | Episode #4ABF01 | 04/01/14 @ 06:00pm

Homer creates his own religion as a means of escaping church services on Sundays.

Homer stays home in bed while Marge and the kids go to church. Enjoying his free time, Homer takes advantage of the opportunity by running around in his underwear, making his favorite waffles, and watching television. Homer has such a wonderful morning, he decides to stay home every Sunday.

Marge is distressed when Homer tells her he is giving up going to church and is instead practicing his own religion. That night, Homer dreams that God sanctions his new faith. Marge invites Reverend Lovejoy over for dinner to talk some sense into Homer, but he remains faithful to his new religion. Even Flanders gets in on the act trying to save Homer’s soul. But it is no use. The following Sunday, Homer stays home and pulls out his old Playdude nudie magazines. While enjoying his magazines and a cigar, Homer falls asleep. The cigar starts a fire. When he wakes up, the house is ablaze.

Seeing the flames, Apu and other brave firemen rush in to help put it out. Finding Homer trapped in the flames, Flanders braves the intense heat and drags him to safety. Krusty, Chief Wiggum, and Reverend Lovejoy all pitch in to save what they can. Reverend Lovejoy assures Homer that God was not against him, but rather, he was working goodness in the hearts of his friends and neighbors who helped to save his life and home. Seeing the error of his ways, he denounces his religion and resumes going to church on Sundays… where he falls fast asleep. Homer dreams that he again talks with God, and asks him about “The Meaning of Life.”

Source: 20th Century Fox

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