Season 3 | Episode #3ABF21 | 03/25/14 @ 06:00pm

Bart attends a Spinal Tap concert. Otto loses his job driving the school bus and moves in with the Simpsons.

Homer drives Bart and Milhouse to the Spinal Tap concert. The band is interviewed by Bill and Marty of KBBL radio. When the performance is cut short, the audience revolts and attacks the stage. Later, Bart has decided he wants to be a Heavy Metal rocker. To encourage Bart to follow his musical interests, Marge and Homer agree to buy him a guitar. But no matter how hard Bart practices, he cannot master the instrument.

When Bart brings his guitar on the school bus, Otto takes an interest and plays some music. Trying to make up for lost time, Otto races the bus back to school, crashing it in the process. When the police ask for Otto’s license, he tells them he does not have one. Principal Skinner suspends Otto until he gets his license, and decides to drive the bus himself. Confident he can handle the bus, it takes Skinner a long time just to get up enough nerve to merge the bus into traffic. Otto takes the test to get his driver’s license. His test administrator is Patty and Otto fails with flying colors.

Down on his luck and out of money, Otto is kicked out of his apartment and scavenges for food in the trash. Seeing how is hero has fallen, Bart tells Otto he can live in his family’s garage. Otto keeps the family up all night playing Bart’s guitar. Otto becomes comfortable living with the Simpsons, but Homer cannot put up with him. He tells Otto to pack up and go. Marge suggests that Otto take the driver’s test over again. But when he finds out that Homer called him a “sponge,” Otto gets mad. He decides to retake the driving test so he can staple it to Homer’s bald head. When Patty finds out that Otto dislikes Homer, she sees to it that he passes the exam. Otto gets his license and Skinner happily gives him his job back.

Source: 20th Century Fox

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