Season 3 | Episode #3ABF24 | 03/28/14 @ 06:00pm

Bart and Lisa are horrified when their summer at Kamp Krusty turns into a nightmare.

If Bart gets a “C” average on his report card, Homer will let him go to Kamp Krusty for the summer. If he does not, he is stuck at home while all his friends have the summer of their lives. But when the final grades are handed out, Bart receives straight “D’s.” Devastated by the prospect of not going to Kamp Krusty, he forges the “D’s” into “A’s”. When Homer takes a look at his report card, he knows Bart doctored the grades. But not to let a few bad grades get in the way of a Bart-free summer, Homer lets him go anyway.

Lisa, Bart and his friends arrive at Kamp Krusty and discover the camp is being run by a tyrant named Mr. Black and his squad of thugs, Dolph, Jimbo and Kearney. Expecting fun filled adventures, the kids, instead, are subjected to grueling exercises, squalid living conditions and putrid food. While the kids are suffering through camp, Homer and Marge are living it up. Homer even begins to grow hair again and lose wait. Lisa is able to smuggle a letter out, describing the hell they have been going through. But when Homer reads it, he attributes it to a kids over-active imagination.

After Mr. Black tries to pass off a look-alike Krusty onto the kids, they see right through his scheme. Outraged that their hero will not be at the camp, Bart leads the kids in a revolt. Finding out how his camp is being ran, Krusty immediately stops by and apologizes to the kids for letting somebody else run things. After searching Krusty and seeing his tattoos, the kids believe they finally got the real thing. To make it up to the kids, Krusty loads them into a bus and personally promises them a fun-filled adventure in Tijuana, the happiest city on Earth.

Source: 20th Century Fox

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