Season 3 | Episode #3ABF23 | 03/27/14 @ 06:00pm

Herb Powell asks his brother Homer to let him borrow $2000 to develop a new invention: a translator of baby gibberish.

A routine physical at work reveals Homer’s sperm count has been damaged due to radiation leaks. Fearing a law suit, lawyers suggest that Mr. Burns offer Homer a token amount of money in return for a legal waiver. To keep Homer off guard, Burns tells him the $2,000 is for winning the first annual Montgomery Burns Award For Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence, which includes a lavish ceremony. After the awards, Homer laments to Joe Frazier that his favorite couch had to be thrown away. Meanwhile, Homer’s half brother, Herb, who has been a bum ever since he staked his company on Homer designing a car for the common man, gets an idea how to make a lot of money. But his brilliant idea is worthless unless he finds someone with money. Seeing a newspaper article about Homer’s bogus award, Herb finds his man.

Showing up at the Simpson’s door, Herb announces he has come up with an idea that will make him rich again. Reminding the family that Homer is responsible for his plummet from prosperity to a wretched existence beneath railroad tracks, Herb asks for their help: loan him $2000 so he can build his invention, a baby translator. Capable of translating a baby’s garbled gibberish into understandable sentences, his invention becomes an instant money maker.

Filthy rich once again, Herb pays back the $2,000. To show his gratitude, he buys Marge the washer/dryer she always wanted. He gets Lisa a complete set of “The Great Books of Western Civilization.” For Bart, a membership in the National Rifle Association. And for Homer, besides forgiving him for ruining him in the first place, he gives him the recliner he wanted, the “Spine Melter 2000.” Sitting and vibrating away in his new recliner, Homer and his mutant sperm cells could not be happier.

Source: 20th Century Fox

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