Season 3 | Episode #3ABF22 | 03/26/14 @ 06:00pm

Bart becomes jealous when Milhouse falls for a girl who transferred to their school.

A new girl, Samantha Stanky, moves into the neighborhood and joins Bart and Milhouse’s class. For Milhouse, it is love at first sight. Mrs. Krabappel shows her students a sex education film hosted by Troy McClure. After class, Milhouse comments how lovely Samantha’s dress is, and he asks if he can walk her home. Later, waiting for Milhouse in their treehouse, Bart is stunned when Milhouse shows up with Samantha. To keep Samantha entertained while he and Milhouse read comic books, Bart climbs down to get a few girl comic books from Lisa’s room. When he returns, he is appalled to discover Milhouse and Samantha kissing.

Lisa is worried that Homer’s overeating will shorten his life, so she convinces Marge to order Dr. Marvin Monroe’s subliminal tapes on losing weight. The tapes are out of stock, so Homer is sent tapes on building a better vocabulary. Unaware that he has received the wrong tapes, Homer puts on headphones and falls asleep. When he awakens, he is suddenly articulate.

Meanwhile, Milhouse and Samantha begin spending all their free time together, leaving Bart out of the picture. Bart becomes jealous of Samantha. When Bart discovers that Samantha is sneaking out of the house to see Milhouse, he thinks of a plan to break the love birds apart. He tells Samamtha’s father what she has been doing. Finding Samantha cuddling with Milhouse in the treehouse, her father drags Samantha home and orders her never to see Milhouse again. Homer’s vocabulary begins to expand. Unfortunately, so does his waist. Seeing how devastated Milhouse is, Bart confides that he snitched on Samantha. A fight breaks out between the two. Bart admits that he was jealous a girl stole his best friend away. Touched, Milhouse forgives Bart, and the pair visit Samantha at her new parochial school.

Source: 20th Century Fox

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