(KBCW/CBS SF) – Following the deployment of 100 juvenile delinquents to a post-apocalyptic Earth from their rapidly declining space station (called “The Ark”). The Ark is quickly losing oxygen and other resources, and the 100 are essentially the human race’s last shot at survival. The Ark decides to send delinquents down to re-colonize the planet 97 years after a nuclear war, but once they get there, all hell breaks loose.

Meet The Cast:

hu01 1cc clarke 2580 jpg f58aa653 t3 Facts About The Cast of The 100(credit: The CW)

Eliza Taylor as “Clarke”

Taylor is an Aussie currently splitting her time between Vancouver and Los Angeles. She’s a big fan of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ (of which fellow co-star Isaiah Washington is an ex-castmate), and you can also catch her in the upcoming film November Man with Pierce Brosnan.



hu01 6cc octavia 2837 jpg 9f7eed0a t3 Facts About The Cast of The 100(credit: The CW)

Marie Avgeropoulos as “Octavia”

The outdoor-loving Canadian Avgeropoulos got her start in I Love You, Beth Cooper, and later worked alongside Seth Rogan in 50/50. She rides a 110LB Cane Corso motorcycle and is currently seeing her Tracers co-star, Taylor Lautner.



hu01 4cc jaha 3493 jpg 6bd25645 t3 Facts About The Cast of The 100(credit: The CW)

Isaiah Washington as “Chancellor Jaha”

Washington is best-known for his role in “Grey’s Anatomy” but the Houston native previously had a career in the Air Force. Since beginning acting, he started a foundation to build a school in Sierra Leone (which makes up half of his ancestry), and has been married for 15 years with three children.



hu101b 16165 jpg 9a7fd8cd t3 Facts About The Cast of The 100(credit: The CW)

Thomas McDonell as “Finn”

Finn is Clarke’s love interest in the show, but in the real world, McDonell is hard at work. He has guest starred on ABC’s “Suburgatory” and was cast in last year’s The Spectacular Now. The New York native got his diploma at NYU, and is a visual artist—he has even toured his work internationally.



hu01 cc jasper 2698 jpg e963a54d t3 Facts About The Cast of The 100(credit: The CW)

Devon Bostick as “Jasper”

Another Canadian native, Bostick’s whole family has been involved in show business, and as a result, he began acting in fifth grade. He stars in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies, and he’s very active on Twitter.


Catch an all-new episode of ‘The 100’ Wednesdays at 9:00pm


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