By Courtney E. Smith

(RADIO.COM) – Here’s a thing you already knew: Jay Z is a huge fan of Tom Ford. He wrote a song about Ford’s clothes. He wears Ford’s clothes. It’s a whole thing.

Jay likes him so much that he made himself a Tom Ford jersey to wear on the Magna Carta World Tour, referencing his own verse, “I don’t pop Molly/I rock Tom Ford.” The jersey features the world Molly with a line through it. Get it?

Well, Ford decided to wink back with his Fall 2014 line, creating what he termed a “knock off of the knock off” in his ladies collection. Thus, the Molly dress, a sequined ladies jersey/mini dress in the style of Jay Z’s tribute, was introduced to the world back in February.

tom ford molly dress Style Files: Beyoncé Pops Tom Ford’s Molly Dress (credit: Miles Willis/Getty Images)

For the last month, fans have been wondering (we assume) how Jay and Bey felt about it. And now the Beyhive has its answer.

Beyoncé popped the Molly dress at her Mrs. Carter Tour stop in Amsterdam last night (March 19), marking the first public appearance of the tongue-in-cheek garment. The world couldn’t have hoped for a more meta debut.

Watch Bey rock Tom Ford’s knock off of the knock off while doing diva poses at


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