Season 3 | Episode #3ABF19 | 03/21/14 @ 06:00pm

Homer becomes the manager of a beautiful Country Western singer.

Homer and the family go to the movies. Marge and Homer see “The Stockholm Affair” while the children see a monster movie. Smacking on popcorn, and gulping down soda, Homer embarrasses Marge when he gives the ending of the story away, causing the audience to boo him. Marge tells Homer to shut up and everyone applauds, humiliating Homer. On the way home, Homer is seething with anger. After dropping off Marge and the kids, Homer keeps driving. He ends up at a rowdy Country/Western bar listening to a beautiful waitress, Lurleen, belt out a lonesome love song.

Several days later, Homer is still humming Lurleen’s song. Craving more, Homer drives back to find Lurleen. When Homer finds her, he offers to take her to a recording booth where she can record her song for him to take home. The booth attendant hears Lurleen’s beautiful voice and tells Homer he will take the record to a nearby radio station. Soon Lurleen’s country ballads are making people mellow all over Springfield. Homer begins to spend more time at Lurleen’s trailer than with his family, causing Marge to become jealous. Grateful to Homer for her success, Lurleen asks him to be her manager. Against Marge’s will, Homer invests their life savings in Lurleen. Her popularity continues to soar, while Marge’s jealousy continues to rage. Lurleen finds herself attracted to Homer and asks him to bunk with her. Homer feels a wave of guilt ride over him and he quickly leaves her trailer.

But Homer cannot get Lurleen out of his mind. Watching her perform in front of her adoring fans, Homer realizes that Marge was the one who loved him first. He sells Lurleen’s contract to a music promoter for $50 and returns home to his wife and family. Marge and Homer watch television as Lurleen sings about how lucky Marge is.

Source: 20th Century Fox

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