Season 6 | Episode #6ABF06 | 03/15/14 @ 06:00pm


Homer takes Marge to the Candy Industry Trade Show intending to walk away with generous free samples. The children are left in the care of Ashley Grant, a feminist who proves to Lisa that males like Bart can be controlled by women quite easily. While at the convention, Homer makes off with a rare gummy Venus de Milo. When he and Marge return home, the candy de Milo is nowhere to be found. As Homer drops Ashley off at her house, he notices that the candy is stuck to Ashley’s rear-end. Ecstatic, Homer grabs for the candy, a move that Ashley mistakes for a sexual advance.

Soon after, the Simpson home is surrounded by outraged protesters, who accuse Homer of being a sexist pig. The protesters follow Homer everywhere, making his life unbearable. Homer is approached by tabloid reporter Godfrey Jones, who twists the story into a sensational, highly inaccurate piece for his show, “Rock Bottom.” After the story airs, the Simpsons’ home is besieged by the media. The incident is dramatized in a made-for-television movie starring Dennis Franz. Homer’s every move is scrutinized and made newsworthy. Homer grows depressed.

Lisa and Marge convince Homer that the only way to fight back is to take to the airwaves. Homer proclaims his innocence on Public Access Television, but unfortunately, no one sees the show. Groundskeeper Willie admits to Homer that he secretly videotapes couples in their cars. He shows Homer a tape of the Ashley Grant incident, completely exonerating him.

Source: 20th Century Fox

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