Season 4 | Episode #4ABF22 | 03/15/14 @ 08:30pm


Bart receives an anonymous letter—written in blood—from someone who threatens to kill him. He becomes paranoid, even suspecting that members of his own family might be out to get him. But in actuality, it is Sideshow Bob who authors the letters from within his jail cell. Sideshow Bob is granted parole, and he plots his revenge against Bart for having sent him to jail.

Sideshow Bob sits in front of the Simpsons in a movie theater and makes it no secret that he has been released. He launches a campaign to terrorize Bart. Police Chief Wiggum visits the Simpsons’ home and ties string to all the doors and windows, connecting it to a Krusty the Clown doll, in an unsuccessful effort to catch the deranged performer. Homer and Marge approach the FBI, who recommend that as part of their Witness Relocation Program, the family move to Terror Lake, a community outside Springfield. Not to be outsmarted, Sideshow Bob straps himself to the drive train of the Simpsons’ car, a move he later regrets when the vehicle crosses over rough terrain.

The Simpsons—now named “The Thompsons”—are given a houseboat as their new dwelling. That night, Sideshow Bob ties everyone up, except for Bart, and sets the houseboat adrift. As his last request before he dies, Bart asks Sideshow Bob to sing the entire score from “The HMS Pinafore.” By the time he finishes singing, the houseboat has drifted back to Springfield, where Police Chief Wiggum places Sideshow Bob under arrest.

Source: 20th Century Fox

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