Season 7 | Episode #7ABF18 | 03/15/14 @ 07:00pm


Bart and Milhouse wonder aloud if anything truly interesting has ever happened to anyone in town. Thus begins “Twenty-Two Short Films About Springfield,” a series of interconnecting vignettes focusing on parents, lovers, friends, relatives, clowns and children throughout the deceptively sleepy city. The stories begin when Bart and Milhouse enter the Kwik-E-Mart for some chewing gum: Sanjay convinces Apu to join him at his party for some wild merriment; Marge tries removing a wad of bubble gum from Lisa’s hair; a bee sting sends Smithers to the hospital, where Dr. Nick encounters a cantankerous Grampa; and Moe is elated when Barney pays two thousand dollars in bar tabs—only to see Jailbird steal the money.

Meanwhile, Skinner invites Chalmers to his home for dinner. But he ruins his roast and, in a panic, attempts to pass off Krustyburgers as his own cooking. When the kitchen catches fire, Skinner ushers Chalmers out the door, blaming the chaos on the Northern Lights. As the stories continue, Homer accidentally locks Maggie inside a newspaper box; Wiggum and Lou discuss the difference between McDonald’s and Krustyburger; Bumblebee Man’s real life dilemmas rival his sitcom skits; Reverend Lovejoy’s dog soils Flanders’ lawn; and passersby give Marge tips on how to remove the gum from Lisa’s hair.

Meanwhile, Milhouse draws his father’s ire when he’s forced to purchase a comic book so he can use a rest room; during an airplane flight, Krusty gives up his seat in first class to move away from Ralph, but ends up in coach seated next to Patty and Selma; Wiggum, Jailbird and Mr. Van Houten are taken hostage by Herman; a barber gives Lisa a trendy, shaggy hairdo; and Nelson gets a taste of his own medicine when a very tall man pulls down the boy’s pants and forces him to march in the street.

Source: 20th Century Fox

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