Season 3 | Episode #48 | 03/12/14 @ 06:00pm

Using his Superstar Celebrity microphone, Bart tricks all of Springfield into believing that a child has fallen down a well. But when he falls into the same well, Bart cannot get anyone to save him.

Homer buys Bart a Superstar Celebrity microphone for his birthday, a device that transmits sounds through an AM radio. Bart uses it to make bogus radio announcements and to play pranks by throwing his voice. He tosses a small radio down a well in the middle of town and then uses the microphone to call out for help. Soon a large crowd gathers round. Using the name Timothy O’Toole, Bart tells the crowd his foot is stuck under a rock and he cannot free himself. With the hole too small to send down a rescuer, fears begin to mount that poor Timmy will not escape a gruesome fate. Soon local and national celebrities ban together to raise money for Timmy’s rescue. Leading the cause is Sting, who performs a charity video called “We’re Sending Our Love Down the Well.”

Bart’s ruse is discovered by Lisa. She warns him that he will not get away with such a dastardly prank. Bart laughs it off, vowing there is no way he could ever get caught, until he remembers he put a “property of Bart Simpson” sticker on the portable radio he dropped down the well. Bart sneaks out and climbs down the well to retrieve his radio. The rope breaks and this time Bart is stuck for real.

When the people find out that Bart has been making them look like fools, they decide to leave him stranded in the well. While half-hearted efforts are made to get Bart out, he sinks deeper into despair. Bart resigns himself that he has finally got what he deserves. Bart cries when he realizes there are things he will never get to do, like smoke his first cigarette, use a fake I.D., or shave foul words in his hair. Overhearing his son’s grief, Homer grabs a shovel and begins digging. Soon Homer’s determination catches on, until even Sting is lending a hand. After shoveling furiously, the town finally rescues Bart.

Source: 20th Century Fox

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