Season 3 | Episode #49 | 03/13/14 @ 06:00pm

Lisa accurately predicts the winners of sporting events that Homer gambles on so she can be closer to her father.

Homer watches football on television and telephones Moe’s tavern with a bet. Lisa complains to Marge that Homer never gets involved with anything she is interested in. Marge suggests Lisa take an interest in something Homer does and then Homer will do the same for her. Taking her advice, Lisa watches a football game with Homer. Unsure which team to bet on, and only a few seconds before kick off, Homer asks Lisa to pick a team. Homer puts fifty dollars on Lisa’s pick, the Miami Dolphins.

After Lisa’s pick proves to be right, Homer decides every Sunday during football season will be Daddy-Daughter day. After eight weeks of betting, her predictions are perfect and Homer wins a lot of money. With the Super Bowl coming up, Homer plans on betting a lot of money on Lisa’s pick. When Lisa asks Homer if they can go hiking the following Sunday, Homer tells her that Daddy-Daughter days are over until the next football season. Lisa is devastated that Homer was only using her to help him make his bets. Lisa takes all the toys Homer bought her with his ill-gotten gains and gives them away. Feeling bad for taking advantage of Lisa, Homer apologizes. When he asks her if she still loves him, Lisa cannot decide, so she makes a bet on the Super Bowl. If Washington wins, she does. If Buffalo wins, she does not.

Homer goes to Moe’s to watch the big game, but he is feeling too awful bet on it. With a much greater prize at stake, Homer roots for Washington so Lisa will love him once again. Meanwhile, at home, Lisa, too, roots for Washington. With Washington down and only a few seconds left, they get the ball, score a touchdown and win the game. The next Sunday, Homer and Lisa go hiking. Reaching the top of the mountain, they gaze out on a beautiful sunset, both having the best Daddy-Daughter day ever.

Source: 20th Century Fox

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