Season 3 | Episode #46 | 03/10/14 @ 06:00pm

Homer is fired from his job when a German firm buys the power plant from Mr. Burns.

When Burns becomes tired of running the nuclear power plant, rumors abound that he is going to sell it off, causing the stock to rise. After Homer’s stock goes up twenty-five cents a share, he sells and buys beer with the twenty-five dollars he gets for it. While watching television, Marge hears that the stock skyrockets up fifty-two dollars a share. The next day at work, Homer’s co-workers show up in expensive sports cars, having made a fortune on their stock. Homer is heartbroken that he only made twenty-five dollars. Despite the rumors, Burns vows to never sell out. But when a German company offers him a $100 million, he does not hesitate to sign the company over.

The German company begins evaluating the employees. Paranoia soon spreads among the workers. Following the evaluation, Horst, the company spokesman, announces that only one employee is going to lose his job: Homer Simpson. Without their breadwinner, the Simpsons pull together to get by. Meanwhile, while Homer slips deeper and deeper into depression, Burns is enjoying his new-found retirement. Burns invites Smithers out for a drink to catch up on things at the plant. Homer is drowning his sorrows at Moe’s when Burns and Smithers stop by to see how the peasants live. Seeing his old boss, Homer gives him a piece of his mind for selling out. The whole bar joins in.

Seeing that he is no longer feared by the commoners, Burns realizes his greatest pleasure in life was being a loathed boss. The Germans discover it is going to cost them another $100 million just to bring the plant up to meet safety codes. Burns offers to buy back the plant for half of what he got for it. Happy to get out of the deal, the Germans accept. Back in control, Burns immediately rehires Homer so that he can fire him someday.

Source: 20th Century Fox

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