Glennis Presents “The Simpsons Classics” On Facebook!

Are you heavily into social media? You wonder why at any given moment, you really just can’t let go of your smart phone! That’s because you want to find out what your Facebook friends are up to. And that’s probably why you liked KBCW on FB. So you can see what we have in-store on the next episode of The Simpsons!

Each weekday, Glennis, the KBCW Programming Coordinator continues to introduce the Simpsons Classics on KBCW. She wants you to know what kind of trouble our favorite dysfunctional family is up to. Well we’ve compiled some of Glennis’ Facebook posts from the past week for you to check out. If you haven’t already, “Like” us on Facebook at


Every ‘Doh In A Row! Watch “The Simpsons Classics” Weeknights at 6:00pm

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    […] Glennis Presents “The Simpsons Classics” On Facebook! – That San Francisco TV station that agrees with us by deliberately separating out Zombie Simpsons from their rerun pool has a “Programming Coordinator” who looks like she’s got a pretty Simpson heavy office.  They would also like you to like them on Facebook, if that’s your thing. […]

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