Season 2 | Episode #42 | 03/04/14 @ 06:00pm

The Simpsons eat too much candy on Halloween and experience nightmarish tales of horror while they sleep.

Marge Simpson warns the audience that this episode might be too scary for children to watch. Lisa and Bart come back to the house after a night out “trick-or-treating” and immediately begin stuffing their mouths with candy—despite Marge’s warnings that they will have nightmares. Homer also begins stuffing his face.

That night, Lisa dreams the family takes a vacation to Morocco. There, Homer buys a magic monkey paw that is able to grant four wishes. When they get back home, Maggie wishes for a new pacifier, Bart wishes for fame and fortune and Lisa wishes for world peace. Seeing the world has turned into a bunch of pacifists, space aliens invade the planet and make humans their slaves. Homer wishes for a turkey sandwich using up the last wish. Flanders sees Homer throwing the paw out and wishes the aliens away. Then he turns his home into a castle.

Bart dreams that he has powers to make things happen by just thinking about it. He also can read minds. Whenever Bart hears people having bad thoughts, he turns them into something grotesque. Everyone in Springfield lives in total fear of Bart, but are afraid to think anything bad about him. When Homer makes Bart mad, he turns him into a jack-in-the-box. Marge takes Bart and Homer to see Dr. Marvin Monroe, who says the two must spend more time together. Homer and Bart have a good time. Finally, Bart turns him back.

Homer dreams that Mr. Burns fires him and cuts out his brain to use in a robot that will be the perfect employee. When the experiment goes awry, Burns puts Homer’s brain back in his head. The brainless robot crashes on top of Burns. To keep on living, Burns has Smithers sew his head onto Homer’s body. When Homer awakes, he is relieved to learn it was all just a dream. Or was it? When Homer goes to the bathroom, he sees Burns’ head is still attached next to his own.

Source: 20th Century Fox


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