Season 2 | Episode #44 | 03/06/14 @ 06:00pm

Realizing he has not been a good father to Bart, Homer aids his son in building a soap box racer.

Homer takes Maggie and Lisa to the video store when Marge and her sisters, Patty and Selma, go to a beauty parlor. When Marge returns from the parlor, she gives Homer a test from the National Fatherhood Institute to evaluate his performance as a father. Homer does not answer any of the questions correctly. When he gets to the last one, “What hobbies does your son have?”, Homer is sure Bart does not have any. But when he sees that Bart is building a soap box racer all by himself, Homer realizes he has not been a good father. He signs up for therapy at the Institute, where he is given a copy of “Fatherhood” by Bill Cosby. After a confidence building pep talk, he is sent home to help build Bart’s soap box racer.

But Bart does not want any help from his father. For guidance, Homer flips through “Fatherhood” and finds just the right passage: “No matter what you tell your child to do, he will always do the opposite.” Homer tells Bart he does not think he should help after all. Bart tells him he can clean paint brushes. Homer and Bart could not be prouder when their meager vehicle is finished. Milhouse shows up with his racer, a sleek aerodynamic work of science. During the qualifying heat, Milhouse loses control of his car and crashes. With Milhouse out of the race, Nelson, the school bully, is sure to win. Hospitalized, Milhouse asks Bart to race his car against Nelson. Bart gladly accepts, hoping Homer will understand. Homer feels betrayed and refuses to cheer Bart on. Despite being behind the wheel of Milhouse’s awesome machine, Bart clearly does not have his heart into the race.

While walking to the refrigerator, pouting, Homer happens to take the father test again. This time he passes. Being a certified “good father,” Homer rushes to root for his son. When Bart sees his father in the bleachers, cheering, Bart races like a son possessed. He blasts by Nelson and wins the checkered flag. Bart accepts the winner’s trophy with his father.

Source: 20th Century Fox


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