Season 2 | Episode #43 | 03/05/14 @ 06:00pm

Homer realizes that he never shows Lisa the attention she deserves and buys her a pony.

Homer dreams he is an ape in “2001: A Space Odyssey” as he dozes at work. Just before Lisa is about to make a recital at her school talent show, she calls Homer to have him pick up a reed for her sax. Instead of going straight to the music store, Homer stops by Moe’s for quick drink. He lets the time slip by and the store closes. After begging the owner to reopen the shop, he finally buys the reed, but it is too late. Lisa’s recital is a disaster. Homer sincerely feels bad that he has let her down. After looking at old home movies of the kids when they were small, Homer realizes that he has never paid Lisa any attention. Homer decides the only way to make Lisa love him again is by getting her the pony she has always wanted.

Despite Marge’s warnings that they cannot afford a pony, Homer takes out a loan from the credit union to buy the horse. Already pressed to the limit on bills, Marge tells Homer there is not any money to pay the rent on a stable. After seeing that Apu has a help-wanted sign up in his store, Homer applies for the job. Working the midnight to eight a.m. shift, and then going to his regular job at the nuclear plant, Homer is soon a walking zombie.

Seeing that Homer cannot burn the candle at both ends much longer, Marge tells Lisa that Homer has been working two jobs so she can keep her horse. Despite loving her horse very much, Lisa gives it one last hug good-bye. Stopping by the Quik-E-Mart, Lisa tells Homer he does not have to keep his second job anymore. Assuring Homer that she still loves him, Homer picks up his little girl and gives her a horseback ride home.

Source: 20th Century Fox


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