Season 2 | Episode #45 | 03/07/14 @ 06:00pm

Homer gives Moe the receipe for a unique alcoholic drink, and when it turns into a sensation, Moe takes credit—and the profits—from its success.

Bart joins Homer as he watches “Eye On Springfield” on television. Lisa invites her girl friends to the house for a slumber party and they play “Truth or Dare,” with Bart being the recipient of most the dares. After Becky plants a wet, sloppy kiss on Bart, he runs through the house, the carrier of a “jinx.” After seeing baby Maggie the victim of a “makeover,” Homer decides he is going to Moe’s for a drink to get away from the noise.

When Homer arrives, Moe informs him that business has been so bad that he could not buy beer. Homer shows Moe the “Flaming Homer,” a concoction of various liquors mixed with Krusty Kough Syrup and then set ablaze. The drink is an instant hit, attracting a lot of business to the bar. But Moe renames the drink the “Flaming Moe” and does not give Homer any of the credit. Soon, Moe’s bar is the most popular place in Springfield. The rock band Aerosmith makes Moe’s their offical hang out, performing nightly. Feeling like he deserves a piece of the action, Homer tries to get in the bar, but his name is not on the guest list and he is kicked out on the street. Homer sneaks in the bathroom window and finally confronts Moe. But Moe refuses to cut him in on some of the action.

Homer is devastated that Moe has hit the big time while he has remained a pathetic loser. After a mega-giant restaurant chain, Tipsy McStagger, is unable to determine what the secret ingredient is in the “Flaming Moe,” they offer to buy the recipe for one million dollars. But just as the money is about to change hands, Homer appears above the crowd, in a maniacal rage. He shouts that Krusty Kough syrup is the secret ingredient. The man from Tipsy McStaggers tears up the contract and leaves. Later, with no hard feelings, Moe invites Homer into the bar and makes him a “Flaming Homer” on the house.

Source: 20th Century Fox


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