Season 2 | Episode #38 | 02/26/14 @ 06pm

Ned Flanders opens a store for left-handed people and Homer is overjoyed when it performs poorly.

Ned Flanders invites the Simpsons to his home for a barbeque. Marge tells Homer that she admires Ned Flanders for working hard and being able to provide his family with the best of everything. When Ned announces he is quitting his job to open a store that sells items for left handed people, Homer wishes that Ned’s business fails. Marge is worried that Bart is watching too much television and is not getting enough excercise. She gives her approval for Bart to start taking lessons at the Springfield Martial Arts Academy. Homer drops Bart off at his karate class at the mall and stops by to see Ned’s new store. Homer is pleased to see he is doing poorly. After Bart learns he is going to have to read books on karate and study hard, he decides to take his money and go to the arcade instead.

Ned’s business continues to flounder. He is forced to have a yard sale to make ends meet and Homer takes advantage of his plight by buying his best possessions for practically nothing. Homer keeps running into people who could desperately use items made especially for lefties. But he keeps quiet. Bart has everyone in the family convinced he knows karate, even though he has been ditching class. When he comes across a gang of hoodlums stealing Lisa’s saxophone, Lisa warns the thugs that Bart knows karate. When Bart tries to fake his way out of the jam, the thugs beat him up, hanging him from a basketball hoop.

Homer’s wish finally comes true. Ned is forced to close his store. But Homer gets more than he wished for. Ned also has his home foreclosed and his family is forced to live in their car. Instead of relishing Ned’s demise, Homer is guilt ridden. With only two days before Ned’s store is closed forever, Homer calls all his friends who needed left handed items and tells them about Ned’s unique shop. Ned’s business booms and Homer saves the day. The customers join in a chorus of “Put On A Happy Face.”

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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