Season 2 | Episode #36 | 02/24/14 @ 06pm

Homer is institutionalized after Bart fills out his sanity test. A man who thinks he is Michael Jackson helps Bart write a song for Lisa when he forgets her birthday.

Lisa’s eighth birthday is approaching and to make sure Bart does not forget, she reminds him of the momentous occasion. Homer is horrified to discover that Bart tossed his lucky red hat into the washer along with his white dress shirts. His clothes have turned pink. When Mr. Burns spots Homer on a video surveillance monitor, he has Homer detained for being a radical trouble maker. Burns’ psychologist, Dr. Marvin Monroe, gives Homer a sanity test to take home and fill out. Afraid he will answer the questions incorrectly, Homer has Bart fill out the test. When Monroe scores it, Homer is immediately placed in a mental hospital.

Homer meets a big white man who talks, dances and thinks he is Michael Jackson. Not knowing who Michael Jackson really is, Homer has no reason not to believe him. Michael telephones Bart to tell him that Homer is in a mental institution and needs the love and solace of his family now more than ever. When Homer confesses that he is scared, Michael sings him a song. Marge drives to the hospital to get her husband out. Winning his release, Homer invites Michael to come home with him.

Lisa’s birthday arrives and Bart forgets to buy her a gift. Lisa feels terrible and disowns Bart as her brother. Michael decides to bring the two siblings back together. He offers to help Bart write a special birthday song for Lisa. After Michael and Bart sing it to Lisa, she forgives Bart and thanks him for giving her the best present ever. Bart thanks Michael. Feeling good about himself, Michael tells the family he is not really Michael Jackson, and his name is really Leon Kompowsky. Talking in his normal deep voice and feeling like a new man, Leon leaves to do more good for the human race.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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