Season 3 | Episode #37 | 02/25/14 @ 06pm

The Simpsons travel to the Nation’s Capitol when Lisa becomes a semifinalist in an essay contest on patriotism.

Homer discovers the joy of reading after receiving a free copy of Reading Digest magazine. In it, Homer discovers an essay contest for kids who write a story on what patriotism means to them. The semifinalists get an all expenses paid vacation to Washington, D.C. Lisa pulls the magazine from the trash and she writes a patriotic essay. Lisa’s essay is chosen as one of the semifinalists and the Simpsons fly to Washington. The Simpsons are given special VIP passes and are taken on a tour of the historical sights around the city, such as the bowling alley where Richard Nixon bowled a perfect game, the bathroom at the White House, and the National Air and Space Museum.

Lisa wanders off to a little known memorial. While inside, she overhears Senator Bob Arnold take a bribe from a lobbyist. Lisa’s faith in the democratic way is crushed and she tears up the essay she had prepared for the final competition. Looking for inspiration, she visits the Lincoln Memorial. But there are so many other people there, also looking for inspiration, that Lisa cannot hear herself over the noise. She travels to the Jefferson Memorial and finds it deserted.

After getting her thoughts together, Lisa decides the truth must be told. She writes an essay exposing Senator Arnold. Even before the competition is over, the wheels of government begin spinning. Senator Arnold is immediately put under surveillance and arrested. Lisa loses the essay contest, but she becomes a national hero for exposing the scandal. With her faith in the democratic way renewed, Lisa learns that one bad senator does not ruin the whole bunch.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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