Season 3 | Episode #40 | 02/28/14 @ 06pm

Homer becomes a hero when he averts a catastrophe at the power plant, but what is perceived as his skill of being a quick thinker is actually dumb luck.

Bart is crushed when he learns that Milhouse did not invite him to his birthday party. Meanwhile, Homer falls asleep on the job, unaware a nuclear melt down is occuring in the plant. He is awakened by the sirens and immediately panics. As Springfield prepares to suffer catastrophic disaster, Homer is not sure which button to push. Desperate, and with only seconds left, he presses a button. Miraculously, it is the right one and the city is spared. Homer is made into a local hero. Homer gets a phone call from basketball superstar Magic Johnson to congratulate him. But despite all the attention, Homer knows it was just dumb luck that has made him into a celebrity. Aristotle Amadopolis, owner of the Shelbyville Nuclear Power Plant, asks Homer to give a pep-talk to his employees.

Without his best pal to hang around with anymore, Bart mopes around the house. Troubled by Bart’s behavior, Marge talks with Milhouse’s mother to try and convince her Bart is not as bad as people think. Milhouse’s mother lets Bart play with her son again. Bart assures Marge he has learned his lesson about being a bad influence on other kids. He thanks Marge for helping him stay on the straight path. When Marge is not looking, Bart grabs his “Deadeye B.B. Gun” and heads out of the house.

Homer nervously tries to give his speech, but he is at a loss for words. Standing in front of the employees, Homer is saved by the bell when the melt down alarms go off. With everyone relying on him to shut down the plant, Homer once again does not know what to do. Closing his eyes and doing “eenie, meenie, miney, mo,” he picks a button and the melt down is averted. Everyone realizes Homer has merely gotten by on dumb luck. But Homer is relieved to have the truth be known.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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