Season 2 | Episode #34 | 02/20/14 @ 06pm

Bart and his friends pool their money to purchase the first issue of “Radioactive Man” comics, but then cannot decide who gets to keep it.

While attending a local comic book convention, Bart finds the very first issue of “Radioactive Man” on sale for a hundred dollars. Bart asks Homer for the money, but Homer refuses. While eating at a Krusty Burger restaurant, Marge suggests Bart get a job. Coming up short, Bart finally decides to take a real job. Working for Mrs. Glick, Bart pulls weeds and cleans her rain gutters. For all his hard work, Mrs. Glick gives Bart a paltry fifty cents. Having saved only thirty-five dollars, Bart goes to the comic book shop anyway.

When he gets there, he finds Milhouse and Martin trying to buy the comic book. Bart talks them into pooling their money together and buying the “Radioactive Man” comic book. After they buy it, they cannot agree on who gets to take it home. Neither of the three are willing to let it out of their sight, so they all go back to Bart’s tree house to spend the night. When Martin wakes up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, Bart thinks he is trying to steal the comic book, so he ties him up. Bart does not trust Milhouse either, so he keeps a keen eye on him, refusing to go back to sleep.

A storm blows in and it begins to thunder and rain. Fearing that Bart has gone crazy, Milhouse goes to tell Marge, but Bart thinks he is making a move for the comic and tackles him. In their ensuing struggle, Milhouse rolls over the side, and Bart holds him suspended by his sleeve. A gust of wind carries the comic toward the window and Bart must decide if he should hold onto Milhouse or save the comic book. After weighing the pros and cons, Bart opts to save Milhouse. The comic book is blown into the mud and zapped by lightning. All that is left are a thousand smoldering little pieces. Bart realizes he and his friends ended up with nothing because they could not share.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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