Season 2 | Episode #33 | 02/19/14 @ 06pm

Marge insists Homer accompany her for a weekend of marriage counseling at a wooded retreat, but Homer takes advantage of the location to attempt to catch a legendary catfish.

Marge and Homer throw a party for their friends. Drinking too much of his famous spiked punch, Homer gets drunk and leers at Ned Flander’s wife, Maude. Catching him in the act of leering, Marge is humiliated. The next day at church, Marge signs them up for a weekend of marriage therapy with the Reverend Lovejoy and his wife. Marge recruits Grampa to watch the kids for the weekend. Bart gives Grampa his own list of things the children can and cannot do.

Taking advantage of the weekend retreat, Homer sneaks his fishing pole into the car. On his way to the retreat, he purchases bait, and learns of the legendary catfish, General Sherman. Arriving at the retreat, Marge recites to the others a long list of irritating habits her husband has displayed. Bart and Lisa decide to throw a party and invite most of the neighborhood. Homer tries to sneak out early the next morning and head for the lake, but Marge watches as he leaves in a boat, with General Sherman hooked at the end of a pole. Bart and Lisa’s party gets out of hand and the house is destroyed. Fearing that Grampa is going to get in trouble for losing control, Bart and Lisa immediately begin cleaning the house.

While Marge is attending the marriage workshops alone, Homer catches his trophy fish. Finally getting the General in the boat, they head back for shore. Marge is waiting when he arrives. Marge tells Homer that their marriage is in very deep trouble if he values a fish more than her. To prove that he loves her more, Homer lets General Sherman go. Touched by Homer’s selfless display of affection, Marge forgives Homer and they return home, their marriage better than ever.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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