Season 2 | Episode #32 | 02/18/14 @ 06pm

Lisa develops a crush on her substitute teacher, Mr. Bergstrom. Bergstrom tells Homer he must learn to act as a positive role model for his daughter.

Lisa’s teacher, Mrs. Hoover, comes down with Lyme disease and a substitute teacher, Mr. Bergstrom, takes over the class. Bart’s class, meanwhile, prepares to elect a president and Mrs. Krabappel nominates Martin Prince. The rest of the class nominates Bart. Mr. Bergstrom’s enthusiasm for knowledge rubs off on his students and he has them thirsting to learn. Lisa develops a crush on Mr. Bergstrom and plays her saxophone for him. Having a presidential debate, Martin articulately explains his campaign platform. Bart, meanwhile, tells jokes and wins their undying support.

While attending the Museum of Natural History with Homer, Lisa runs into Mr. Bergstrom. She is embarrassed when Homer displays is usual oafishness. Sensing that Lisa is missing something from her relationship with her dad, Mr. Bergstrom takes Homer aside to suggest he be a more positive role model for Lisa. Taking Bergstrom’s pep talk to heart, Homer suggests Mr. Bergstrom gives Lisa an A, even if she does not deserve it. Overhearing this, Lisa is totally humiliated. When Lisa attends school on Monday, she is devastated to find Mrs. Hoover is back and Mr. Bergstrom is gone. Certain of Bart’s inevitable victory, none of the kids in his class vote, except for Martin and his friend, Wendell. Counting both votes with great joy, Mrs. Krabappel announces Martin as the class president.

Devastated by Mr. Bergstrom’s departure, Lisa takes her grief out on Homer, calling him a baboon. With Lisa grief stricken and Bart reeling from his election loss, Homer decides it is time to act like a father. He enters Lisa’s room and gives her a heart warming pep talk. Feeling better about having Homer as a father, she apologizes for calling him a baboon. Next, Homer pays Bart a visit. Pointing out that being class president is a non-paying job and requires doing extra work, Homer makes Bart glad he lost the election. Homer tells Marge he is on the biggest roll of his life.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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