Season 2 | Episode #31 | 02/17/14 @ 06pm

Marge renews her interest in becoming an artist after Homer finds an old painting of Ringo Starr in the attic. Mr. Burns commissions Marge to paint a portrait of him.

Bart and Lisa ask Homer repeatedly to take them to Mount Splashmore after they view a shameless promotion for the theme park on “The Krusty the Klown Show.” After Homer gets stuck inside the water slide at the park, he decides he is overweight and goes on a diet. Rummaging through the attic for his bar bells, he comes across old paintings Marge made of Ringo Starr when she was a school girl. When Lisa sees her mother’s attempts to be an artist, she urges Marge to go back to school and continue her artistic endeavors.

Marge signs up for a class at Springfield Community college. Her instructor, Professor Lombardo, teaches the class to use geometric shapes to form abstract images. While Marge struggles to perfect the Lombardo Method of painting, Homer toils to stay on his diet. Marge paints a portrait of her rotund husband asleep on the couch in his underwear. Seeing her work of art, Professor Lombardo falls in love with it and enters Marge’s work into the Springfield Art Fair. After she wins the competition, her painting appears in local newspapers. Homer’s boss, Mr. Burns, sees it, and decides to commission Marge to do a portrait of him for the grand opening of the Burns Wing at the museum.

Mr. Burns spends the next three days at the Simpson’s house, while Marge labors to immortalize him. When she walks in on Burns as he is getting out of the shower, she sees a side of him few have witnessed. Homer finally reaches his ideal weight, but his elation is squelched when Burns accuses him of still being a fat pig. Marge decides she does not have enough talent to make Burns look good. But when she gets a thank you note from Ringo Starr responding to a portrait Marge sent him three decades earlier, Marge decides she can do it after all. The next day at the unveiling, Marge’s portrait is displayed. It shows Mr. Burns’ getting out of the shower. Burns is outraged at first, but when the portrait is received with great acceptance, Burns softens and accepts his new glory with humility.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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