Season 2 | Episode #35 | 02/21/14 @ 06pm

Homer expects a generous gift in return when he donates Bart’s blood to an ailing Mr. Burns.

Smithers finds Burns passed out on the floor of his mansion. Upon a doctor’s examination, Burns is diagnosed as having hypohemia, an infliction that leaves a person without enough blood to sustain life. Desperate for blood to save Burns’ life, Smithers puts out a plea to the workers at the nuclear plant for a double-O negative donor. No one at the plant offers to give blood, except Homer, who thinks Burns will make him a rich man if he gives him his blood. Homer does not have the right type, but Bart does, so Homer volunteers him to give blood.

After getting Bart’s blood, Burns feels more alive then he ever has before. To show his gratitude, he sends Bart a thank you note. Homer is outraged that all he gets for giving Bart’s blood is a lousy note. Homer immediately writes a vindictive letter, letting Burns know exactly how he feels. But Marge is able to stop him from mailing it. The next morning, having cooled down, Homer goes to tear up the letter and discovers Bart has already mailed it. Homer tries to intercept the letter before Burns receives it. But it gets through anyway.

After Burns reads the letter, he vows to make Homer’s life a living hell. Burns orders Smithers to have Homer beaten to a pulp. But Smithers defies the order, telling Burns that Homer saved his life because he was the only one who offered to give blood. Coming to his senses, Burns realizes the good deed the Simpsons have done. He buys a rare and enormous Olmec Indian Head Statue and takes it to the Simpsons’ home. Learning the statue is that of the God of War, Bart thinks it is cool. But Homer still thinks it is a pretty cheap gift for saving a man’s life.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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