Season 2 | Episode #30 | 02/14/14 @ 06pm

Grampa Simpson falls in love… and inherits a fortune.

The Simpsons take Grampa out for their once a month family get together, and as usual, Homer takes him to the liquor store to buy beef jerky and then brings him back to his rest home. Afterwards, Grampa feels like there is little left to live for. But when he meets a beautiful woman, Beatrice, at the rest home, he finds a new reason to carry on. After a few dates together, Beatrice and Grampa fall in love.

Finding out the following Sunday is Beatrice’s birthday, Grampa makes plans to celebrate it in style. But Homer decides to take him on a day he will never forget. Grampa tells Homer he has already made plans with Beatrice, but Homer is adamant, dragging Grampa off against his will. Piling into the car, they go to Discount Lion Safari. After getting lost, they are forced to spend the night in their car until help arrives.

When Grampa gets back, he is saddened to learn Beatrice has died. At the reading of Beatrice’s will, Grampa inherits her fortune. With more money than he knows what to do with, Beatrice, as an angel, appears and suggests he help those in need. Grampa decides to give it to the truly needy. But after interviewing hundreds of needy people, he feels he needs more than $100,000 and joins a casino junket to gamble with the money. Homer finds his father at the roulette wheel and saves him from losing all his money. Unsure of how to spend the rest, Grampa is advised by one of his friends at the rest home to look around him. Noticing that his rest home is in disrepair and needs modernization, Grampa decides to put his money where his heart is. He spends the rest of the money to refurbish the rest home.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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