Season 2 | Episode #28 | 02/12/14 @ 06pm

Homer locates his long lost half brother Herb and discovers that he is rich.

While complaining to a theater manager about the lousiness of a “McBane” action thriller, Grandpa Simpson suffers a mild heart attack. At the hospital, Grampa admits to Homer that he had an illicit affair when he was a young man, an affair which produced another son. Homer decides to find his long lost brother. Locating the orphanage where his half brother grew up, Homer learns his sibling’s new name is Herb Powell and is living in Detroit. After an exhaustive search through the phone book, he makes contact with Herb. Herb asks Homer to bring his family to Detroit. Arriving at Herb’s house, they are astounded when they see he lives in a mansion and runs a multi-million-dollar car company. When they meet, Herb is overcome with joy that he has a half brother.

Homer is overcome with joy that he has a filthy rich half brother. After Grampa finds out his other son is rich, he tells Homer to not do anything stupid until he gets there. Seeing in Homer the kind of person that represents the typical American, Herb hires Homer to design a car that will appeal to middle-America and save his company from being devoured by foreign competition. As Homer sets out to design his dream car, he becomes more like Herb, a hard driving businessman. Herb, in the meantime, spends time with Marge and the kids. He becomes more like Homer, the family man. At the unveiling of Homer’s car, a car that Herb has risked his entire fortune, the curtain is pulled back, revealing a monstrosity with four wheels. The car is a total flop, failing to sell even one model.

Herb loses his business to the Japanese and is forced to give up all his possessions. Herb loathes the day Homer Simpson came into his life and leaves on a bus. Grampa arrives looking for his “millionaire chip-off-the-old block” but drives off when Homer insists he can explain everything. Driving home, dejected, Homer is comforted by Bart, who confides that he thought Homer’s car was cool.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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