Season 2 | Episode #26 | 02/10/14 @ 06pm

Lisa disapproves when Homer has cable television installed illegally into their home.

At Mount Sinai in the year 1220 B.C., a thief (Homer) listens to Moses as he reads the Ten Commandments. Homer gets cable TV hooked up illegally when neighbor Ned Flanders disgustedly confronts a pirate installer. With 68 channels to choose from and thousands of hours of programming to view, Homer is in paradise. But when Lisa gets a lesson on obeying the ten commandments, she fears her family will face perpetual torment in hell because Homer is breaking the eighth commandment—“thou shall not steal.” When Homer finds out a big boxing match is going to be shown on cable, he invites his friends to the house. Even his boss, Mr. Burns, decides to come to Homer’s house to watch the bout.

Seeking advice from Reverend Lovejoy, Lisa is told to not support Homer’s irreverent cable stealing and abstain from watching it. She pleads with Homer to get rid of the cable, to no avail. Fearing that cable is a negative influence on the family, Marge suggests they get rid of it, too. But with the big fight coming up, Homer is determined to keep his cable. Ironically, to protect his family from people who steal, Homer installs security bars on the house. When Homer catches Bart his friends watching the X-rated channel, he chase them out of the room. Homer’s friends, and his boss arrive to watch the big bout.

Wracked by guilt, Homer leaves the room and announces to his family that immediately after the fight, he is cutting the cable wire. Sitting outside with Lisa, Homer agonizes while everyone else enjoys one of the best fights ever televised. Afterwards, Homer takes wire cutters up the power pole. Following his conscious, Homer snips the ill-gotten cable, but not before he cuts the wrong wires, plunging his neighborhood into total darkness.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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