Season 2 | Episode #29 | 02/13/14 @ 06pm

Bart must help train Santa’s Little Helper to pass an obedience course or Homer will give the dog away.

Homer’s patience is running out on Bart’s dog, Santa’s Little Helper, after he catches the dog mauling the newspaper, stealing his breakfast, digging trenches, and swimming into the neighbor’s pool. Meanwhile, Lisa develops a case of the mumps and is confined to the house, where she adds to the family quilt, which has been in the family for six generations. Santa’s Little Helper goes too far when he rips Homer’s new $125 Assassins sneakers to shreds. Homer tells Bart that either his dog attends obedience school and learns to obey or they will have to get rid of him.

Bart takes Santa’s Little Helper to the Canine College, run by Emily Winthrop. While everyone else in the class is making progress with their dogs, Bart cannot get Santa’s Little Helper to perform any of the drills. When Santa’s Little Helper helps himself to Homer’s cherished macadamia nut cookies and chews the family quilt to shreds, Homer decides that the dog has to leave. Pleading with Homer to give his dog another chance, Bart promises he will help Santa’s Little Helper study even harder. Homer agrees that if the dog passes his final exam, it can stay.

Bart works especially hard to teach his dog to perform the drills that will make up the final exam. But Santa’s Little Helper is helpless. Homer places an ad to give the dog away. Seeing that his dog will never will never pass the final exam, Bart asks the teacher, Mrs. Winthrop, to let Santa’s Little Helper pass without taking the final. But she refuses to tarnish the good name of the Canine College. Giving up hope, Bart tells Santa’s Little Helper that if he would only learn to sit, lay down, roll over and speak, he could have remained a member of the family. Just then, he sits, lays down, rolls over and speaks. Santa’s Little Helper passes his final exam, and the Simpsons watch with pride as their dog accepts his diploma.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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