Season 10 | Episode #23 | 02/05/14 @ 10:30pm

The Simpsons board a mega-saver flight for Tokyo, only to find themselves trapped overseas when they run out of money.

While perusing Wired magazine, Lisa notices that a cyber-café is opening in Springfield. Homer escorts his children to the café, where he uses the Internet to check on his bank account. At that moment, Snake enters the room holding a gun. Using a diskette, he drains Homer’s account dry. When Marge hears the news, she realizes the family must once again save up for the family vacation. Homer decides he must find a second source of income. But instead of taking another job, he breaks into Ned Flanders’ home. Flanders catches Homer in the act. He tips his neighbor on an upcoming Chuck Garabedian Mega-Savings seminar. The Simpsons attend the meeting and learn how to save. A week passes, and Marge concludes that there still isn’t enough money in the piggy bank to pay for a vacation. But she notices a Mega-Savings pamphlet containing information about cheap airfare—provided the customer doesn’t care where the flight takes them. The family heads for the airport, where they end up boarding a flight to Tokyo.

When the plane lands in Tokyo, the family soon discovers that things are far more expensive in Japan than in America. Despite Lisa’s objections, Homer decides to dine at the AmericaTown restaurant. Afterward, Marge reminds Homer of their promise to do something distinctly Japanese. Homer sees an opportunity to escape, and he and Bart run off. The pair make their way to a stadium, where they watch sumo wrestlers preparing for a fight. Homer asks one of the wrestlers to salt his pretzel, which the heavy-set man grabs from his hand. A fight breaks out, and the wrestler pins Homer to the ground. Bart responds by whacking the fighter over the head with a chair. Later, Marge bails the pair out of jail. Marge tells Lisa they only have enough money left to make their way back home. Homer takes the bill from Marge’s hand and folds it into an origami crane. Unfortunately, a gust of wind blows the money away.

An American ambassador suggests that the family take jobs so they can earn enough money to get back home. The Simpsons find work at a fish gutting factory, but the pay is meager. They decided to become contestants on a Japanese game show that allows contestants to pick their wish (in the Simpsons’ case, a plane ticket back to Springfield). As the show progresses, the family is subjected to physical torture. After surviving painful tests of endurance, the family is told that the airline tickets can be found inside an active volcano. The Simpsons climb to the rim of the volcano, where they discover that the tickets are suspended on a rope bridge spanning the crater. Lisa makes her way out onto the shaky bridge. As Lisa grabs the tickets in her hand, the game show host hits a big red button, causing the bridge to snap in two. Lisa grabs onto one half, and hooks the other half with her feet, becoming, in effect, part of the bridge. The family runs out onto the bridge, which creaks ominously. Suddenly, the origami crane flutters onto Maggie’s head. The extra weight collapses the bridge, sending the family plummeting into the lava below. The audience applauds as the family slides onto the stage amid a torrent of orange liquid. The game show host congratulates the family for winning their freedom.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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