Season 10 | Episode #22 | 02/04/14 @ 10:30pm

Lisa is invited to join Mensa; Homer receives a free erotic photo session.

As the family watches television, Homer comes upon a commercial for Aunt Lowfatly’s pudding. The ad heralds a contest called “How Low Will You Go?,” in which judges will select the most disgusting person in town and send them on a trip to Hawaii. That Saturday, people from across town gather for the big event. Lisa is mortified by the stupidity on display: Bart offers to swallow anything thrown into his mouth; Barney attempts to juggle chickens; and Homer dresses in a suit made of popcorn kernels. When the judges select a sexy lady who did not participate in the contest as the winner, a riot ensues. Humiliated, Lisa fires off an open letter to the people of Springfield, encouraging her fellow citizens to better themselves before it’s too late. Unfortunately, no one in town reads the newspaper, and her effort is seemingly for naught. But her spirits lift when a note, in the form of an exquisitely engineered paper airplane, flies through her window. The writer encourages her to show up at a house on Euclid Street. When Lisa enters the home, she is greeted by Dr. Hibbert, Professor Frink, the Comic Book Guy, Principal Skinner and a Female Executive. They welcome her to Mensa. Lisa is amazed.

Homer literally walks off with the pudding contest’s second-place prize. It entitles the bearer to receive a free erotic photo session. He sets up an appointment with a photographer, who does her best to attire Homer in provocative clothing. When Bart grows curious about the goings-on in the bedroom, Homer decides to move the session into the basement. Meanwhile, Lisa and her Mensa friends dress in Renaissance outfits and head for the park. Their activities are cut short when they discover that another party has taken their gazebo, which had been reserved months earlier. Angered at their lack of political clout, the Mensans approach Quimby at City Hall. Quimby overreacts… and quickly leaves town. The Mensans turn to the town charter for guidance. It states that should the Mayor abdicate, a council of learned citizens will rule in his stead. As a result, the Mensans take control of the city.

The photographer completely redecorates the basement in a sensual style and continues shooting Homer in a variety of sexy outfits. But when Marge sees the completed portfolio, she expresses more interest in how the basement was redecorated than in Homer’s poses. Meanwhile, the Mensans’ initial improvements have a positive affect on the city. But when Frink announces their intention to ban such “barbaric” sports as dog racing, and the Comic Book Guy announces that citizens will breed once every seven years, they lose the public’s support and bicker amongst themselves. Suddenly, Stephen Hawking, the world’s smartest man, rolls onto the stage in his wheelchair. He accuses the Mensans of being corrupted by power. Seeing an opportunity, ordinary people decide to take back the town, and another melee erupts. Rocket boosters emerge from Hawking’s wheelchair, and he lifts Lisa to safety.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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