Season 2 | Episode #24 | 02/06/14 @ 06pm

Homer believes he has only twenty-four hours to live after he eats an improperly prepared blowfish.

Lisa and Marge persuade Homer to take the family to “The Happy Sumo” for sushi. Homer orders everything on the menu. After sampling most of the dishes, there is only one left to try—the blowfish. Despite their waiter’s warning, Homer orders it. When the master chef sees that Homer’s fish was prepared incorrectly, they tell him he is going to die in twenty-four hours.

With only a day to live, Homer makes a list of things to do. He has a heart-to-heart talk with Bart. Then he tries to enjoy Lisa’s saxophone recital. He accepts Ned Flanders’ invitation to stop by for a weekend barbecue. Knowing he will not be around, Homer offers to bring the steaks. Homer visits his dad to make amends and gets thrown in jail for speeding. With his last hours slipping away, he calls Barney to bail him out. Barney takes him to Moe’s to have one last beer. On the way he passes his boss, Mr. Burns, and tells him off. Finally getting home, Homer grabs Marge and takes her into the bedroom for one last night of passion.

Leaving Marge sleeping in bed, Homer slips away to give his children one last kiss as they lay sleeping. Snuggling into his favorite easy chair, Homer falls asleep, expecting to never wake again. When Marge wakes up the next morning, she cradles Homer’s lifeless body. But Homer stirs, waking and discovering he is not going to die after all. Homer celebrates being alive. But he is soon sitting in front of his television munching on pork rinds.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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