Season 10 | Episode #21 | 02/03/14 @ 10:30pm

Mr. Burns attempts to win adoration by transporting the Loch Ness monster to Springfield.

Marge worries that the family is spending too much time sitting in front of the television set. She convinces everyone to join her for a walk down Main Street. During their sojourn, they happen upon a modern, multi-level superstore called “Fortune MegaStore,” a high-tech wonderland that features everything from its own shoplifting department to a kiddie train. A short time later, Mr. Burns and Smithers make their way into the store. Suddenly, colorful laser beams shoot across the ceiling. An announcer heralds the arrival of the world’s most popular billionaire, Arthur Fortune. He descends from a huge hot-air balloon and wins over the crowd with his charm—and a sack-full of dollar bills. Burns is appalled at the sight, and even hurt when Homer refers to him as an “evil, greedy monster.” Later, Mr. Burns wonders what his fortune is worth if no one in the world likes him.

Mr. Burns approaches Homer at the power plant in hopes of finding a way to make everyone like him. Homer suggests that Burns toss silver dollars off a building. Unfortunately, the idea sends pedestrians running for cover. When that plan fails, Homer suggests that a charitable donation to a worthy cause might change the public’s attitude. Burns immediately writes a check for two hundred thousand dollars. He instructs Homer to bring it to Springfield Hospital. Several days pass, and Burns does not receive the expected kudos. He pays the hospital a visit… only to discover that the donation was made in Homer’s name. Burns then tries to woo the public by appearing on Jerry Rude’s radio show. But the plan backfires when Burns becomes hopelessly flustered by the shock jock’s antics. A short time later, Burns discovers that Arthur Fortune intends to find the iceberg that sank the Titanic. Not to be outdone, Burns decides to pull off his own flamboyant stunt. He forms an expedition to locate the Loch Ness monster and bring it back to Springfield.

When the elusive monster cannot be pinpointed, Burns orders Professor Frink to drain the lake. Once Loch Ness is emptied, Burns locates a dinosaur-like monster sticking out of the muck. Unfortunately, it turns out to be a discarded Homecoming float. Moments later, the real creature stomps into view. The monster is placed in a harness and flown back to Springfield via helicopter. Later, a large crowd gathers around a makeshift stage in Springfield harbor. Burns pulls away a canvas, revealing the gigantic creature. The crowd gasps and applauds. Burns basks in their adoration. But flash photography blinds the old man, causing him to stagger about the stage. He tumbles into a television cameraman on a crane, causing a light tower to crash. People begin to panic and rush in every direction. Later, Homer tells Burns that perhaps everything worked out for the best, as being loved takes a tremendous amount of effort, while being hated takes no effort whatsoever.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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