Season 2 | Episode #22 | 02/04/14 @ 06pm

Marge initiates a protest movement against gratuitous violence on television when Maggie begins acting aggressively after viewing Itchy and Scratchy cartoons.

When baby Maggie suddenly attacks Homer in the basement as he attempts to build a spice rack, Marge wonders where she is getting such ideas. Sitting down in front of the TV while Bart and Lisa are watching their favorite cat and mouse cartoon, “The Itchy and Scratchy Show,” Marge is stunned by the show’s frequent use of graphic violence. Disturbed by the negative effects on children watching the show, she writes a letter to the show’s creators, asking them to tone down the violence.

With her letter having no effect, Marge decides to protest in front of the studio where “Itchy and Scratchy” is made. Soon, her one woman protest turns into a nationwide boycott against the cartoon. Marge is asked to be on a TV talk show to debate violence on television. With a nationwide audience, Marge asks parents of Springfield to write the makers of the controversial cartoon and let them know how they feel. The next day, a flood of ill-willed letters pour into the “Itchy & Scratchy” office. With the cartoon’s ratings plummeting, Marge is asked to help come up with acceptable story ideas.

But when Marge turns Itchy and Scratchy into a polite and peaceful cat and mouse team, the ratings hit rock bottom. Instead of watching television, kids begin reading books and playing outside. But when a controversial statue is placed on exhibit at a museum, other moral crusaders ask Marge to rally to their cause. Marge is caught in a dilemma when she finds nothing objectionable about the nude statue. Seeing that she was wrong by objecting to one form of freedom of speech, while supporting another, Marge goes back on TV to publicly admit her error.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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