Season 11 | Episode #25 | 02/07/14 @ 10:30pm

Bart is diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder and placed on medication that quells his disruptive behavior.

Skinner supervises Fire Safety Day at the elementary school. Bart’s nonstop antics grate on Skinner’s nerves, and the boy eventually runs off. A short time later, some of the other students gather in the bleachers to watch a safety skit performed by the Volunteer Fire Department Players. The routine goes awry when Flanders’ pants catch on fire. Skinner and Moe rush to a nearby fire engine, only to find the hose jammed into a gymnasium window. Suddenly, a gigantic wave of water bursts open the gym doors. Bart surfs out on a basketball backboard, past Moe and Skinner, who are carried away by the wall of water. Principal Skinner is furious. He calls Homer and Marge into his office, where he presents them with evidence that their son’s restless and easily distracted behavior is the result of Attention Deficit Disorder. Skinner threatens to have Bart expelled unless he is placed on a radical new drug called Focusyn. At first, Marge objects to the idea of pumping her son full of drugs. But after watching a demonstration at a drug company testing facility, her attitude softens. Homer attempts to get Bart to swallow the medication by hiding it in some taffy. But the boy is too wise to fall for the trick. Marge tries another approach. She promises Bart that she will not force him into taking the medication. She then opens her hand, revealing a Focusyn pill. Bart swallows it.

As the medication is absorbed into his system, Bart’s behavior slowly begins to change. He becomes more attentive and obedient at school, prefers reading to watching Krusty the Clown on television, and even compliments Marge on her cooking. He tells Lisa that, as a result of the medication, all of his brainpower is now focusing like a laser beam. Bart’s behavior changes so dramatically that Homer and Marge sneak away for a screening of Showgirls at a classic film festival. When the pair returns home, Bart complains that a satellite orbiting the Earth, under the control of Major League Baseball, has been spying on him. When researchers attempt to take away the boy’s Focusyn, Bart grows agitated. He swallows a handful of tablets and runs out the door.

Bart sneaks inside an Army base and steals a tank. He pilots the machine down a city street, crushing everything in his path. Bart then steers the tank towards the school building. Marge steps in front of the tank, and it suddenly comes to a stop. But before Bart gives himself up, he announces his desire to destroy one last thing. He aims the tank’s gun turret upward and fires a shell. The projectile strikes a satellite, which plunges to Earth. As Wiggum starts to arrest Bart for running amok, a crowd notices the corporate logo for Major League Baseball on the exterior of the satellite. A computer printout reveals that the satellite has been gathering information on everyone in town. Baseball great Mark McGwire suddenly steps forward. He admits that Bart was right all along. But instead of explaining, he dazzles the crowd with one of his dingers. While everyone is distracted, McGuire grabs the computer printout discovered in the satellite and places it under his hat.

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