Season 11 | Episode #24 | 02/06/14 @ 10:30pm

Studio executives panic when actor Mel Gibson taps Homer to help him retool his latest film.

While watching television, Homer happens upon a commercial for a new electric car. He and the family make the journey to a local car dealer to test drive the vehicle so Homer can receive a free gift. Unfortunately, Homer drives the electric car under water, electrocuting everything he passes. Later, Homer opens an envelope containing his free gift: two tickets to an upcoming test screening of a new movie starring Mel Gibson,which is a remake of Mr. Smith Goes To Washington. On the night of the test screening, the Aztec Theater fills with townspeople. Also in attendance are studio executives Christian, Milo and Hannah. Christian announces that test cards will be handed out at the conclusion of the movie so audience members can record their comments. Unbeknownst to the audience, Mel Gibson has flown in from Hollywood to gauge their reaction in person. The audience responds favorably—all save Homer, who finds it a colossal bore. Gibson inadvertently calls attention to his presence, eliciting a star-struck response from the audience. During the flight back to Hollywood, Gibson reads the opinion cards, which are all favorable except for Homer’s comments. Gibson concludes that Homer was the only person gutsy enough to tell the truth. The plane heads back to Springfield.

Gibson makes a surprise appearance at the Simpson home. He asks Homer to fly back with him to Hollywood so they can save the movie. Homer agrees to make the journey. While he and Gibson work on the movie, Marge, Lisa, Bart and Maggie embark on a guided tour of Hollywood. Gibson eventually loses his patience with Homer’s outlandish suggestions about how to fix the film. But Homer manages to convince him that the ending is boring and needs to be re-shot. Later, both men show the finished product to the studio executives. The new ending replaces Jimmy Stewart’s filibuster scene with a violent shootout on the Senate floor. The studio executives, who had hoped for an award-winning film, are stunned. When Gibson refuses to change the ending, Gibson grabs the print and he and Homer run out the door.

Gibson and Homer commandeer a studio golf cart and attempt a getaway. The executives, however, give chase. The cart eventually crashes and the executives reclaim the print. Unwilling to accept defeat, Homer makes his way to the Hollywood Automobile Museum, where he steals the original car from the movie The Road Warrior. The Simpsons use a wax dummy of Gibson (confiscated from the auto museum) to distract the executives long enough so that Homer and the real Gibson can position themselves on a road. The pair drop their trousers and “moon” their opponents. Unfortunately, the executives’ car does not stop, and the vehicle plows into Homer’s naked backside. Later, the pair screen their cut of the movie for another test audience. It receives a negative reception.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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