Season 2 | Episode #21 | 02/03/14 @ 06pm

Bart is determined to leap a gorge on his skateboard after witnessing the death defying stunts of a real daredevil.

While watching “World Class Wrestling” on television, Homer and Bart learn that Truck-A-Saurous is going to appear at the Springfield Speedway. Homer proposes that the whole family attend the event. With the truck show falling on the same night as Lisa’s concert recital, Homer and Bart anxiously sit through the musical performance. As soon as the last note is played, Homer grabs Lisa off the stage, and they rush to the truck show. Entering the Speedway arena by mistake, the Simpson’s car is attacked by the Truck-A-Saurous.

Bart is enthralled with the stunts performed by Captain Murdock, a fearless daredevil. When Captain Murdock’s stunt goes awry and he is mauled by a tank full of sharks, piranhas, eels and a lion, he is pulled from the water near death and given a rousing ovation. Bart feels he has found his calling—professional daredevil. Performing his first stunt in front of the local kids, Bart flies off his skateboard and smashes into a wall. After receiving a safety lecture from a hospital doctor, Bart is more determined than ever to live like Captain Murdock. Finding out about Bart’s daredevil quest, Lisa takes him to see Captain Murdock so the Captain can talk some sense into him. But the Captain gives Bart his approval to live life on the edge.

With Murdock behind him, Bart decides to take on the greatest stunt of his life—the Springfield Gorge. Homer decides the only way he can stop Bart from jumping the gorge is by doing it himself to show him how dangerous it is. He mounts Bart’s skateboard and gets ready to go. Knowing that Homer will surely die if he tries the stunt, Bart agrees to give up his daredevil career. Homer accidentally rolls down the ramp. Airborne, Homer feels the elation of flight as he soars to the other end of the chasm. But he runs out of momentum and falls crashing down the gorge.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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