Season 2 | Episode #23 | 02/05/14 @ 06pm

When Mr. Burns hits Bart with his car, Homer is enticed by a disreputable lawyer to sue him.

While out riding his skateboard with reckless abandon, Bart is hit by a car driven by Homer’s boss, Mr. Burns. Having an after death experience, Bart’s soul leaves his body and goes to hell. After the devil looks over Bart’s case history, he sees that Bart is not due to arrive in hell for another century. When he regains consciousness, Bart is in a hospital with Homer, Marge, Lisa and a strange man hovering over him. Asking the strange man, Lionel Hutz, who he is, Lionel presents Homer with his card and tells him if he wants to make a lot of money, to give him a call. Acting on his lawyers’ advice, Mr. Burns offers Homer money to ensure he does not take legal action against him. But when he offers Homer a paltry $100, Homer turns it down and calls Lionel Hutz.

Hutz assures Homer that if he does exactly what he says, he can get a settlement for a million dollars. But to do it, Bart has to lie about the extent of his injuries. To further stack the deck in their favor, Hutz uses the legal testimony of a shady doctor, Dr. Riviera, to come up with his own diagnosis. Seeing he is going to lose the lawsuit, Burns tries one last trick. Burns offers Homer and Marge $500,000 to settle the case and then leaves the room to let them discuss it. Burns listens in on their conversation. Marge is ready to accept the money, already feeling guilty that they had to lie to get it. But Homer wants to hold out for the full million. Burns finds the weakness in the Simpson’s armor: Marge.

Putting Marge on the stand, Burns’ lawyer reminds Marge she is under oath to tell the truth. She tells the jury that Hutz and Dr. Riviera made Bart lie about his injuries. A stunned Homer listens in disbelief as his million dollars slips away. Marge enters Moe’s tavern to apologize to her husband. When Homer looks his wife in the eyes, he says he loves her more than ever.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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