(KBCW/CBS SF) – In the episode titled “Make Room for Lisa” from Season Ten of “The Simpsons.” Bart can be found writing on the blackboard “I do not have diplomatic immunity.”

(Marge is listening in)
Moe: Lenny, how are you doing? This is Moe. I’ve got some class three gossip here.
Lenny: Well, dish!
Moe: Groundskeeper Willie … you know, the guy in the skirt bought himself a mail-order bride. But he’s too cheap to pay the C. O. D., right? So she’s still in a crate down at the post office. Wanna go look-see?
Marge: Ooh, this sounds juicy.

A different version of this scene had Marge listening in between a conversation between Luann Van Houten and Helen Lovejoy instead of Moe and Lenny. While the conversation between Moe and Lenny was about Groundskeeper Willie, Helen and Luann’s conversation was about Marge and Jacques.

KBCW Air Date: January 27, 2014 @ 10:30pm
Original Air Date: February 28, 1999
Episode:Make Room for Lisa

Homer spends time with Lisa at a new age shop in “sensory deprivation” tanks designed to make you relax and hallucinate. Read more…

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