Season 2 | Episode #17 | 01/28/14 @ 06pm

Homer supports Mr. Burns in his bid for governor, but Marge remains loyal to Burns’s political opposition.

While Bart and Lisa are merrily fishing near the Springfield Nuclear Reactor, they land a three-eyed fish. Making headlines, a Washington regulatory committee sees the story and sends a team down to investigate nuclear fallout coming from the plant. Despite Mr. Burns’s attempts to bribe the team, he is told to clean up his plant, or have it closed down.

After seeing how much it will cost to make needed repairs, Burns begins drinking heavily. Fearing the loss of his job, Homer sympathizes to Burns, telling him it is too bad Burns is not governor, so that he could get away with passing laws to keep the plant open. Surprised that something Homer said actually made sense, Burns decides to run. Hiring slick Madison Avenue PR people to boost his public image, Burns slowly gains on the favorite, Mary Bailey. While Homer campaigns hard for his boss, Marge remains loyal to Mary Bailey. Questioned by reporters about the three-eyed fish, Burns passes it off as being mother nature’s way of improving her handy work, and that three eyes are better than two.

Burns popularity soars, causing his PR people to fear he may be losing touch with the common man. So they arrange for Burns to have dinner with Homer, the lowest of common men. Homer makes Marge promise she will not say anything to make his boss look bad. Burns catches up to Bailey in the polls, and ties her for fifty percent of the vote. With everything going according to the PR firm’s script, Marge serves dinner, placing the three-eyed fish onto Burns’s plate as news reporters and camera crews look on. At the prompting of a public relations employee, Burns takes a bite of the fish. He then spits out the radioactive sea creature in front of the cameras. Burns’s “three-eyed fish” campaign sends him sinking to defeat.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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