Season 2 | Episode #16 | 01/27/14 @ 06pm

The Simpsons tell three bloodcurdling tales of horror on Halloween night.

Marge Simpson addresses the audience and warns that this episode might be too frightening for younger viewers. On his way home from “trick-or-treating,” Homer visits Bart and Lisa’s tree house and overhears them telling the following horror stories…

“Bad Dream House”: The Simpson’s move into an old house, and soon learn why they got it so cheap: it is haunted. When the walls begin to ooze blood and a voice tells them to get out while they still can, Marge is ready to move the family out. But Homer convinces her to give the place a chance. That night Homer, Lisa, Bart and Maggie are possessed by an evil spirit and they chase each other with knives and axes. When Marge sees what the ghoulish spirits have done, she decides enough is enough. She tells the spirits that they have to get used to the family. Not happy with the choices, the house decides to blow itself up rather than live with the Simpsons.

“Hungry Are The Damned”: The Simpsons are abducted from their backyard by one-eyed extraterrestrials. En route to another planet, the Simpsons are told they are going to be the guests of honor. They are given an endless feast of food and they thoroughly gorge themselves. But Lisa mistakenly accuses the extraterrestrials of fattening them up so they can be eaten. Having their feelings hurt, the extraterrestrials turn their space craft around and return the Simpsons back to their lowly lives. Lisa concludes that they were the monsters aboard the ship.

“The Raven”: Edgar Allen Poe’s classic tale of horror as retold by one Homer Simpson, with Marge as Lenore and Bart as the Raven. Disappointed that another Halloween has come and gone without a real good scare, Bart climbs off to bed. But Homer, having listened to the macabre tales of ghoulishness, is petrified to go to sleep, demanding Marge leave the lights on.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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