Season 10 | Episode #20 | 01/31/14 @ 10:30pm

Bart must perform community service at Grampa’s retirement home.

Representatives from countries across the globe meet to discuss the site of the next Olympic games. The International Olympic Committee chairman receives a letter from Lisa. Moved by Lisa’s words, the chairman decides to hold the games in Springfield. The next day, Channel Six news anchor Kent Brockman announces that his station is sponsoring a contest to find an Olympic mascot. Intrigued, Homer designs Springy, the Springfield Spring—a spring with two doll’s eyes holding tiny American flags. Meanwhile, Olympic representatives tour the town, which has been cleaned from top to bottom. During their stay, Mayor Quimby announces that Homer’s Springy the Springfield Spring has been chosen as the official mascot. Skinner arranges for his students to regale the representatives with heartwarming songs. But just as the chairman begins to declare Springfield as the site of the next Olympics, Bart takes the stage. His “politically incorrect” humor infuriates the representatives… and costs the town its shot at Olympic glory. As punishment, Skinner assigns the students to perform twenty hours of community service. Bart realizes, to his horror, that his “sentence” is to be performed at Grampa’s retirement home.

Bart is horrified by the sight of zombie-esque old people shuffling through the halls of the building. He soon encounters Lisa, who has been performing volunteer work at the rest home for a month. The seniors are escorted into the home’s activity room, where they close their eyes and participate in an imaginary journey on a boat cruise. Bart cannot hide his frustration. He rallies the seniors and has them follow him out of the building. Meanwhile, Homer receives a delivery of a thousand springs. He tells Marge that he will find some way to put them to good use. But his attempts at enticing prospective buyers with novelty inventions prove disastrous.

The seniors enjoy frolicking in Springfield Park, where Bart discovers an advertisement for a real boat cruise. Meanwhile, Homer uses the springs for his latest invention: the self-flipping hamburger pan. Unfortunately, the device spatters hot grease everywhere, setting the kitchen on fire. Marge extinguishes the blaze—and demands that Homer dispose of the springs. Homer decides to flush the springs down the toilet. Meanwhile, Lisa realizes that Bart has taken the seniors for a ride aboard a harbor cruise ship. When she reaches the ship, she demands that the old folks be taken back to the home. But Bart protests, as the seniors are enjoying the cruise immensely. Lisa sees that the seniors are happily dancing nearby. Suddenly, Mr. Burns’ yacht slams into the ship. As the boat takes on water, Jack Lalanne emerges from the group and attempts to lead a rescue. But his efforts fail and he swims away from the vessel. The boat sinks… but just as quickly rises to the surface. It turns out that Homer’s springs ended up on the harbor floor near a sewer pipe. As a result, the boat bounces upward whenever it hits the bottom. This gives Wiggum and his men enough time to rescue the stranded seniors. Shortly thereafter, Bart tells Grampa that he has served all of his community service time… but volunteers to stop by the home the following day.

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