Season 10 | Episode #18 | 01/29/14 @ 10:30pm

While listening to one of Reverend Lovejoy’s sermons on a sweltering Easter Sunday morning, the Simpsons fall asleep—and envision themselves as characters from the Bible.

Reverend Lovejoy addresses his parishioners on a hot Easter Sunday morning. The heat proves overwhelming, and as Lovejoy recites a passage from the Bible, a groggy Marge nods off. In her dream, she and Homer frolic in the Garden of Eden as Adam and Eve. They are addressed by God himself (Ned Flanders). Flanders forbids Homer and Marge to consume the fruits of a nearby tree. The following day, a snake appears and offers the pair the golden fruit. Despite God’s warning, Homer gorges himself on the succulent apples. Marge also disobeys God’s warning. A furious Ned Flanders catches her in the act. The Garden’s gates open, and Marge sadly leaves. Homer has a tunnel dug under the Garden’s gate. Marge wriggles into the tunnel, and makes her way back to Paradise. When Flanders realizes what has happened, he flicks the pair out of the Garden.

Lisa drifts off as the Reverend recites passages from Exodus. In Lisa’s dream, she and several other children, dressed in Israelite garb, play in an Egyptian version of the school playground. Their happiness ends when a slave driver (Willie) orders them back to a pyramid construction site. Pharaoh Skinner notices that someone defaced one of the sarcophaguses. Willie punishes the slaves. Lisa convinces Moses (Milhouse) to approach Skinner and demand the release of his people. Skinner responds by having the pair tossed out of his tent. Lisa concludes that the only thing Skinner understands are plagues. She and Milhouse toss frogs and flies into Skinner’s tent. As punishment, Skinner has Lisa and Milhouse sealed inside a pyramid. Milhouse climbs to the top of the pyramid and addresses the children. He asks them to follow him to freedom. But when the group reaches the Red Sea, their journey seemingly ends. Lisa, however, is stuck by an idea. She has the children flush nearby “Portajohns” in rapid-fire succession, draining the Red Sea dry. The children race across the muddy path… only to realize they now face 40 years of wandering in the desert.

Bart drifts off during Lovejoy’s sermonand appears as King David in his dream. Methuselah (Grandpa), staggers forward, a knife lodged in his back. He names Goliath’s son, Goliath Two, as the assailant. Bart vows revenge. Bart makes his way to the Field of Battle, where he encounters the giant (Nelson). Bart pulls out his mighty slingshot… but cannot find a stone. Goliath catapults Bart over the city walls. Shortly thereafter, Bart encounters a shepherd (Ralph Wiggum). Ralph shows Bart a stone amulet carved in the shape of Bart’s head. Ralph sets off to slay the giant… but Bart later discovers Ralph’s grave. Vowing revenge, Bart scales the Tower of Babel, and a battle ensues. This time, Nelson pins Bart to a wall using a fork, then lifts him towards his mouth. Bart grabs hold of a nearby oil lamp and tosses it onto the ground. The explosion hurls him to safety. But a charred Goliath emerges from the smoke. Suddenly, Goliath topples off the tower. Bart sees that Ralph’s “David” amulet is lodged in the back of his head. Ralph confirms that he is not dead after all. Despite this, the crowd hails Goliath as their greatest king. Wiggum places Bart under arrest.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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